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Saba Island

Getting here

Getting to Saba is via St Maarten/St Martin (airport code SXM).

Many airlines from North America and Europe have scheduled daily flights to this Caribbean gateway.
From North America your options are US Airways, American Airlines, Air Canada, Continental, United Airlines, Jet Blue, Spirit Airlines and Delta Airlines.
From Europe, Air France, KLM and Corsair.
If traveling from within the Caribbean region, American Eagle, Air Caraibes, Air Antilles, Insel Air, Liat and Winair all have inter islands flights to St Maarten or St Martin.

Once in St Maarten you have 2 ways to reach Saba, by air or sea. Either way, make sure to carry you passport as it will be required upon reaching Saba. No visa is required.

By air:

Winair is the only airline flying to Saba.
All flights depart from Princess Juliana Airport in St Maarten.
The flight from St. Maarten is only a short 12 minutes hop on board a De Havilland Twin-Otter aircraft. Seats are limited so book as early as possible.
If planning on a same day connection from an international flight, please bear in mind that Winair cannot fly to Saba after sunset, therefore the last flight to the island is sometime between 4:30PM and 6:00PM depending of the season.
If your international flight does not leave you enough time for a same day connection to Saba you will have to overnight on St Maarten. We are happy to advise you on where to stay, eat and have a good time on St Maarten.
Winair's first flight of the day is at 7:00AM (allow for an hour check in) this would get you on Saba early enough to start diving straight away.

Winair has strict luggage policies that can change at a short notice. Please check the current bag/weight allowance when booking. Remember that if you prefer to travel light, you can use our dive gear absolutely free of charge. A great way to save on luggage space and weight.

Once you know your arrival time on Saba, we can organize for a taxi to meet you at the airport.

You can view the complete flight schedule or make reservations at

By sea:

To reach Saba by sea you can either use The Edge ferry, the Dawn II ferry or sail over by private yacht.

The Edge ferry The Edge ferry travels to Saba from St. Maarten 5 days a week, Wednesday thru Sunday during high season (December to May). In low season a reduced schedule is sometimes put in place, please check before making definite plans.
The Edge ferry departs from Pelican Marina in Simpson Bay, on the Dutch side of St Marteen, at 9:00AM (check in at 8:15AM) and arrives at Saba's Fort Bay Harbor by 10:30AM. The return crossing leaves Saba at 3:30PM, arriving in St Maarten at 5:00PM.

A same day roundtrip on The Edge is $75.00 per person
A one way ticket is US$ 50 per person.
Fare is half price for children 12 years old and under and free for under 2 years old.
The Edge ferry only allows one piece of luggage per person.

You can book your Edge tickets directly with Saba Deep, or at

The Dawn II ferry The Dawn II travels to Saba from Dock Maarten Marina in Philipsburg 3 times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. It leaves Dock Maarten at 5:00PM and arrives at Fort Bay harbor at 7:00PM.
For the return trip to St Maarten, the ferry leaves Fort Bay harbor at 7:00AM reaching St. Maarten at 9:00AM

The Dawn II is a great option if planning on traveling with a lots of luggage.

For more information and for seats reservations please phone the booking office on (+599) 416 2299 or e-mail

Sailing to Saba Sailing or cruising to Saba is a nice way to reach the island. It makes you feel like you are discovering a place forgotten by time, some mysterious rough and rugged island where, centuries ago, pirates might have taken refuge.
There are no high tech marinas here, just the pure natural beauty of steep cliffs dropping into the ocean and wild tropical vegetation clinging to the hillsides. Altogether a fabulous setting to wake up to in the morning, with only the sound of seabirds and waves breaking onto the shore.

Saba has two designated anchorage zones within the Saba Marine Park, one on the west side of the island between Ladder Bay and Wells Bay and one on the south side by Fort Bay Harbor. Do not use the dive boat moorings.
Upon arrival, you must proceed to the Harbor Office in Fort Bay without delay. There are no custom procedures on Saba and the Harbor Master will handle all immigration formalities.
As limited docking space is available at the Fort Bay Harbor, it is necessary for boats to anchor out and come in with a dinghy.
Although it may appear that docking space is available, it is best to check with the Harbor Master first about ship traffic. Since the pier is small, it is used only as a loading/unloading dock.

Contact the Harbor Master on VHF channel 16 for directions on anchoring, mooring use and for any other information.

Every yacht is also required to check in with the Marine Park at the office located in Fort Bay Harbor a few doors away from Saba Deep Dive Center. The current mooring fee for visiting yachts is US $5 per person onboard per week, payable to the Saba Marine Park.

Coming ashore.

We strongly advise that you enter the Island of Saba via Fort Bay harbor ONLY as the other areas (Well's Bay, Ladder Bay and Cove Bay) can be treacherous in certain sea conditions which may be deceiving from aboard your vessel.

Food & Drink

Saba might be small but when it comes to food and drinks there's plenty to choose from.

There are more than a dozen restaurants on island, offering a wide range of cuisine: caribbean and latin style, classic American fare, chinese food, pizzas, BBQ dinners, seafood and European fine cuisine.
All budgets and styles are catered for, from simple take out to elegant dining.

3 medium size supermarkets have a good selection of mostly American brand products. So yes, you can get your Oreo Cookies on Saba, no need to stock up.
Once a week, on Wednesdays, fresh produces are delivered to the island from nearby St Maarten.

When it comes to drinks, there are a few bars to choose from in the villages, all great spots to mingle with locals and expats and have a fun time.
Alcohol is relatively cheap compared to Europe and the US as it is tax free.

Some people joke that the island national drink comes in a small green bottle labelled Heineken. Other popular beers are Carib and Presidente.
Only one speciality drink is made on Saba, called Saba Spice, it is a concoction of rum, plants and spices whose exact recipe is a well keep secret within the island families.

Most restaurants and supermarkets stock a good selection of wine from around the world.

The water on island is either collected rain water, stored in underground cisterns or comes from the desalination plant. Residents usually drink the water from their own cisterns but while on vacation on Saba we would recommend that you stick to bottled water, just to be on the safe side. Bottled water is readily available everywhere.


Getting around

There are plenty of taxis on island. Every hotel or cottage will have a list with their phone numbers ready for you. Taxi fares are government regulated.
It is common practice for restaurants and bars to call a taxi for guests when they are ready to leave.
The villages themselves are small and great places to wander around on foot.
Car rentals are available, should you prefer to have a car at your disposal during your stay. Remember that our dive/sleep packages include all transportation between your accommodation and Saba Deep Dive Center and back.


Wifi is available throughout the island. If your accommodation does not provide you with internet facilities, "pay as you go" Wifi card can be bought in most shops, allowing you to get connected anywhere on Saba. But don't expect the top speed usually available in the US or Europe.


As of 10-10-2010 the US Dollar will officially become the currency of Saba. It is already the main currency being used around the island at shops, bars, restaurants, etc... but from that date the US Dollar will officially replace the Netherlands Antilles Guilder (NAF.).
There are 2 banks on Saba, one in Windwardside and one in The Bottom, both have 24 hour ATM machines delivering US Dollars.
Most credit cards are accepted throughout the island.

For anything else

The Saba Tourist Office has a comprehensive overview of Saba on their website,