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Day Trip packages

A day trip to Saba is a great way to check out the island and is easily done from St. Maarten.

But we have to warn you, we frequently hear from our divers that a day is not long enough. In fact, it is not unusual for our guests to spontaneously decide to extend their stay on Saba overnight in order to get more time on the island; either for more dives or for topside exploration. Should your schedule allow only a day, here are a couple of options on how to get here and back from St Maarten with plenty of dive time in between.


Winair is the only airline flying to Saba.
The flight from St. Maarten is only a short 12 minutes hop on board a De Havilland Twin-Otter aircraft.
Come over on the first flight of the day and leave on the last flight. This allows plenty of time to dive all three of our scheduled dives. As the airport and Fort Bay Harbor are located on opposite sides of the island, you get a beautiful tour on the way.
Once you've booked your trip we will make sure to have Vincent, the taxi driver, meet you at the airport.
The flight is a low altitude flight, in a non-pressured cabin, so the typical fly/dive rules do not apply.
Don't hesitate to email us if you have questions or want more information.

What you need to know about Winair

- The first flight leaves Sint Maarten at 7:00AM. Allow 1 hour for check in.
- Don’t forget your Passport and Dive Certification Card!
- Traveling light is always best on small flights. Saba Deep does not charge extra for dive gear, so bring yours or use ours.
- You can view the complete flight schedule or make reservations at

The Edge Ferry

The Edge Ferry travels to Saba from St. Maarten 5 days a week, Wednesday thru Sunday. It departs from Pelican Marina in Simpson Bay at 9:00AM. The crossing takes about an hour and half.
Upon arrival at Fort Bay Harbor, a member of the Saba Deep team will meet you at the dock, check you in and then take you off diving.
Because all of Saba's dive sites being nearby to the harbor, coming over with The Edge gives you plenty of time to enjoy 2 great dives. It also leaves you enough time to shower, eat lunch at the Deep End Bar & Grill and relax with a drink or 2 before getting back on the ferry at 3:30PM for the return journey to St. Maarten.

What you need to know about The Edge Ferry

- You will leave St. Maarten at 9:00AM from the Pelican ferry dock in Simpson Bay, arriving on Saba at 10:30AM.
- You will depart from Saba at 3:30PM, and arrive back in St. Maarten at 5:00PM.
- You can book your Edge Ferry tickets directly with Saba Deep or at
- The Ferry runs 5 days a week, Wednesday thru Sunday. In low season a reduced schedule is sometimes run, please check before making definite plans.
- Don’t forget your Passport and Dive Certification Card!

Please e-mail us for Day Trip package rates.