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Learn to Dive

We still remember our first breath underwater and the challenge and excitement of exploring a whole new world, so to be able to share that with others is something we love to do.

Learn from our team of well qualified, experienced PADI instructors.
At Saba Deep Dive Center we believe in small classes, an individualized pace and fun interactive learning.
We offer all levels of PADI instruction, from PADI Discover Scuba Experience to PADI Dive Master.
Special rates are available for local residents and Saba Medical School students.
We are happy to accept referrals.

PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience

Dive Today!

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience is a great way to try scuba. Although it is not a certification, it is a good first step as you will learn the basics of breathing underwater, about the equipment used and the safety considerations involved with diving.
Best of all, you get to put it all to practice in a fun and exciting shallow water dive.

Our ½ day course is presented in three parts: First, your instructor will take you through the basic concepts in a short interactive presentation, next you will review the equipment used and practice some skills in a confined water environment. Finally, once you are comfortable with those skills, you and your instructor will make a shallow dive in open water at one of Saba’s fabulous dive sites.
For many divers, the Discover Scuba Experience was their first step towards Open Water Certification. This first open water dive may count towards the PADI Open Water certification. Ask your instructor for the details.

Program length: ½ day, must be scheduled in advance.
Program cost: $100, includes equipment and Saba Marine Park Fee.
Requirements: You must review and complete the Discover Scuba Brochure, including the medical questionnaire, prior to participating.

PADI Open Water Certification

Become a Certified Diver!

The PADI Open Water Certification course is made up of 3 parts:

1. Knowledge Building –

There are 5 modules that can be completed on your own using either instructor facilitated self study with a text book & DVD or, our recommended method, the PADI eLearning® course. Either way, you should plan on spending some hours studying the basics. Also with either method, one of our well qualified PADI instructors will always be available should you have any questions.

2. Confined Water Dives –

It is now time to take your first breath underwater! The pool sessions consist of 5 skill development modules that we will complete over the course of one day. This is your chance to learn and practice the basic scuba skills, get accustomed to the equipment you will be using and to practice breathing and moving underwater.

3. Open Water Dives –

The final step is to complete your 4 open water dives. You and your instructor will make 4 dives over the course of 2 days. During these dives, you will explore some of Saba’s shallow dive sites and demonstrate skills both underwater and at the surface.

Program length: 3- 4 days, depending on chosen method of self study.
Program cost: For the PADI eLearning® option $400. Of which $120 is to be paid directly to PADI upon enrollment into the PADI eLearning® and a balance of $280 for the confined and open water dives payable to Saba Deep Dive Center.
For the instructor led self study option, $400.
The above prices include all equipment, pool fees and 4 open water boat dives. They do not include PADI PIC processing or Saba Marine Park fees of $4 per open water dive.

PADI Advanced Open Water Certification

Take it to the next level!

The PADI Advanced Open Water Certification consists of five dives, including one navigation dive, one deep dive and three elective dives (specialities you can choose from are night diving, multi-level dives, underwater naturalist, fish ID or search and recovery, to name just a few).
This certification allows the Open Water Diver to explore a wider range of activities, all under instructor supervision, thereby allowing the student to gain more skills and confidence and bringing the diving experience to a higher level of fun and enjoyment.

Program length: 5 dives and 5 short knowledge reviews
Program cost: $ 300.00

An additional benefit of PADI Advanced Open Water Certification is that each adventure dive in the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course may credit toward the first dive of the corresponding PADI Specialty Diver course.  

We also offer a wide variety of PADI Specialty courses.

- PADI Rescue,
- Enriched Air Diver
- and PADI Dive Master.

For further information on any of the above mentioned courses, please email