Saba Deep Dive Center

Our Boats

The boats we run at Saba Deep Dive Center are set up to be consistent with our philosophy of small group diving and personalized attention.

We are currently running two boats :

Jolly Mon

Jolly Mon is a 34 foot Crusader perfectly customized for diving, allowing divers to either backward roll off the boat or giant stride off the large swim platform.
Entering back onto the boat is also easy using the custom dive ladder, the large swim-platform and the custom built dive door.
There is comfortable seating on the cushioned seats on the back deck or up top with the Captain.
The cabin is large, offering plenty of shade and allowing divers to stay out of the weather. Also perfect to keep all precious belongings dry. There is a head on board.
The many extras, not usually found on dive boats, make us feel like Jolly Mon is worthy of the “Nicest Dive Boat On The Island” title.
You are in for a quiet, smooth and comfortable ride on Jolly Mon.

Perfect for 8-10 divers


Saba Deep's smallest boat is Mystery, but despite it's smaller size still a great dive platform.
She is a no frills, streamlined diving machine. Recent divers have actually nicknamed her the “The Mystery Machine”.
Divers love her size and the easy backward rolls off the low sides that she allows.
But the main plus is, that as an outboard, she has the ability to quickly zip from Fort Bay Harbor to the dive sites and back, greatly reducing the "on board time" that some people don't always look forward to, especially when sea conditions are not the smoothest.

Perfect for small groups of up to 6 divers.