Saba Deep Dive Center

Dive Day

The Saba Deep Dive Day

We run 3 scheduled dives daily, around 9:00AM, 11:00AM and 1:00PM.

Additional dives and night dives can be scheduled by request.
The Saba Deep crew will do everything possible to make sure you have a pleasant and relaxing dive day.
We will select specific dive sites for the day based on your personal choice, always taking into consideration weather and water conditions, your skills and comfort level.
We will make every effort to get you to the sites that interest you the most.

Depending on several factors, including diver preferences and sea conditions, the boat may return to our base in Fort Bay Harbor between dives or may stay out throughout the morning, coming back in for lunch prior to the third dive.
If the boat stays out for the surface interval, water and fresh fruits are provided. If the boat returns to our base between dives, you can enjoy the comfort of the Deep End's air conditioned restaurant or relax on the patio.
Full facilities are available on the premises including a fresh water shower.

All the diving on Saba is done within the protected zone of the Saba Marine Park. A system of mooring buoys is set up for the dive boats as no anchoring is allowed within the diving areas. A Marine Park fee of $3 per diver, per dive, is collected by the island dive centers on behalf of the Saba Conservation Foundation. All proceeds are used to maintain and improve the Saba Marine Park.

First Dive

The first dive of the day is planned as the deepest.

Conditions allowing, we like to take our divers to one of the world famous Saba Pinnacles.
The Pinnacles, which consist of 5 fascinating seamounts, were formed by past volcanic activity. They sit a short boat ride away from the island's main reefs.
Due to the pinnacles exposure to stronger currents and their deeper location you are sure to see an abundance of marine life including large groupers, turtles, lobters, frog fish, shrimps, etc . . . Also regular visitors to the pinnacles are various pelagics such as sharks, manta rays and jacks, all in a setting of colorful corals and large sponges.

Pinnacle depths start at 28m/90 ft.

Second and Third Dives

For the next two dives we will choose from Saba’s other 20 or so spectacular dive sites.

Diamond Rock and Man O’ War Shoals are always high on our choice list.
Whilst they are technically classified as pinnacles they are shallower, with the sandy bottom at approximately 25m/80 feet.
Diamond Rock is a very distinctive feature on the Saba coastline as it actually rises high above the water and is the base for a large colony of seabirds.
Man O’War shoals is located very close by but is fully submerged.

You could explore these 2 wonderful sites over the course of many dives and still not scratch the surface. Due to frequent strong currents, the marine life is varied and abundant. Both of these sites are extremely colorful, a dream for the underwater photographer or videographer.

These sites have long been our favorites – and based on what we hear from our divers, we are not alone in this opinion.

Other great options for the second and third dives are the numerous sites located in the Ladder Bay and the Well's Bay area. In addition to being historically significant, Ladder Bay offers some great dive sites such as “Babylon”, “Hot Springs” and “Ladder Labyrinth”. From the boat looking up, you can see the original Customs House and “The Ladder” of steps that one had to climb to access the island prior to the Fort Bay Harbor construction. Not big fans of steps, we prefer to roll off the boat and explore Ladder Bay underwater.
On those sites you'll experience first hand Saba’s volcanic background including patches of yellowish sand indicating temperature differences on the sea floor.

Once again a wide variety of marine life including turtles, nurse sharks and sea horses can be found at those sites.

Torrens Point sits off Saba’s only “beach” at Well's Bay . It is a great shallow dive site as well as a nice option for snorkeling. This site has been a “classroom” for many of our Open Water students. Here again, turtles, rays, parrot fish and schools of blue tangs are to be found, to name a few.

Closer to Fort Bay Harbor is the Tent Reef area which boasts sites offering something for everyone.
Tent Reef is an extended rock ledge that starts very shallow at 4m/10 ft and turns into a stunning sheer wall. A short swim away sits a series of small but pristine seamounts.
We refer to the Tent Reef sites as ‘the aquarium dives” as the species of fish and creatures found there is so wide ranging and so representative of what most divers would expect to find in the Caribbean. Residents include angel fish, octopuses, shrimps, lobsters, crabs, flounders, flamingo tongues, sea cucumbers, barracuda, jacks, snappers, eels… We could go on... all this swimming around beautiful sea fans, sponges, swim-throughs and coral gardens.

Going East from Fort Bay offers more great diving, with sites perfect for those 2nd and 3rd dives of the day.
These windwardside sites include Greer Gut, Core Gut, Giles Quarter, Big Rock Market, Hole in the Corner, David's Drop-off, and Green Island.
Being on the windwardside side of the island makes getting to these sites more weather dependent but during calm weather they make for great dives with exceptional visibility and no current.

Due to Atlantic exposure you will find hard coral structures such as elkhorn eorals, brain corals and mushroom shaped coral formations. As usual on Saba, great marine life with mantas, eagle rays and reef sharks often swimming by. This side of the island is also the favorite route for many migrating whales.

Night Dives

We schedule night dives by request and then customize the dive according to the experience level of the divers. So whether it is your first night dive or your 100th, we want to make sure you have a fantastic experience.
Because of the extra logistics and manpower involved with night diving, advance notice is essential so that we can ensure a fun and safe experience.
Good weather and safe sea conditions are important on every dive, and especially so for night dives, therefore all night dives are weather and sea condition dependent.

Night dives are US$70 per dive, plus the US$3 Saba Marine Park fee.
We can provide you with torches.
Please contact us to schedule

Contact us if you live on Saba and want to be added to our Night Diver Notification List. We will call you when a night dive is scheduled.